Champion's Choice Oklahoma Girl Earrings

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Named after 7 sisters from the Oklahoma panhandle, these earrings are sure to grab your attention. From a night on the town, to every day wear these earrings are the perfect accesory for any and every occasion. These earrings are all made from German silver.

Zona- The Zona's are our personal favorite. Diamond shaped with a copper border and solid engraved center, these earrings are timeless. These are the only earrings from this collection that features a post. 
Rose- The Rose's are the perfect way to make a bold statement with a pop of color. The rich red that we used is the perfect way to add that accent you need.
Loretta- The Loretta's feature turquoise waves that every country girl is sure to love. 
Kay- The Kay's feature copper feathers for the wild women found in every bunch.
Virginia- The Viginia's are possibly the most classic of the bunch. With a solid engraved background, accompanied by copper she gleams and shines in any light.
Stella- The Stella's bring back memories of the days when the west was won. With her turquoise feathers, she is sure to make a statement. 
Janice- The Janice's feature copper waves just like the plains of Oklahoma. 
Please note that this is a pre-order and the earring will not ship out for 4-6 weeks***
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