Damele Turquoise "Stay Grounded Studs"

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11.65 carats of Damele turquoise incorporated into our "Stay Grounded Studs" designed by Nevada Watt. 

The Damele turquoise mine is found outside of Austin, NV. Its known for its spiderweb turquoise and variety of colors. It can vary from a beautiful deep green to lime green Variscite. 

Solid sterling silver with hand engraved flowers and accents. No two pieces in this collection are alike they are all hand engraved. 

Nevada Miller is a maker of many things, she is a silversmith, ranching wife, driven entrepreneur and loves to run. Anyone that knows her knows her kind heart, creative mind, love for her family and Jesus. 

Nevada grew up in California learning the art and creativity of silversmithing from her father, Jeremiah Watt. She now calls Southeastern Oregon home where she spends most of her time fabricating, engraving, and creating eclectic silver jewelry. Nevada has developed her own personal style while incorporating the traditional Western designs that she has grown up with. Champion’s Choice Silver knew her unique style would be the perfect fit and we are excited to present “The Functional Champion” together!

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