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German silver base, antique finish

The Corporate Sun State Buckle

The Corporate Sun State Buckle has a German silver base with a jeweler's gold beaded border. Add your logo or slogan to finish it out! We would like the ordering process to be easy for you, so if you have any questions we would love to talk to...
The Caprock Buckle

The Caprock Buckle

The Caprock buckle incorporates many design aspects; the alternating flowerette, bead and rope border give it a unique style. Add your logo, brand, and a  personal message on the back! The possibilities are endless.    picture: German...
German silver base, laser engraved scene

The Flare Buckle

The Flare Buckle is unique, you may add any logo or scene to this buckle. It's a great style if you're wanting to try something new.  size: 4.25x 2.68  laser engraved German silver base 
German silver base, solid black finish

The McKittrick Canyon Buckle

The solid black finish on the Bunker Hill buckle will make any customizations stand out!! It is a great buckle to display in your office or wear on your favorite belt.    size:3.5"x 4.5: photo shown: German silver base, solid black...
The Cola Buckle

The Cola Buckle

The Cola Buckle can be customized 100% to your company! The simple engraved background makes any logo stand out.    size:3.5"x 4.5"  example photo: German silver base, antique finish
German Silver, Antique Finish

The Mackenzie Buckle

The Mackenzie buckle is a tradition style, perfect for any logo to be added!  size: 3.5"x4.5"  photo: German silver, Antique finish. 
The Adair Buckle

The Adair Buckle

The Adair Buckle is perfect to showcase any company's logo and slogan! The simple design is great to display or wear it and show it off.    Size: 3"x4" picture shown: German Overlay, antique finish. 
Picture Shown: Sterling Silver base, Shiny Finish

The Saint's Roost Buckle

The Saint's Roost buckle is a great buckle to customize to your company's colors, logos and slogan! The sterling silver base give it a shine that will catch anyone's eye. Simple and classic.    The Saints Roost is only available in solid...
German Silver base, Shiny Finish

The Loving Buckle

The Loving buckle is perfect to wear or display in your office to show off your achievements! The buckle shines and will catch everyone's eye.  Base material: German silver  Finish: shiny  Size: 3.5"x 4.5"
Base material: German silver 
finish: antiqued

The Ikard Buckle

The Ikard is a simple yet classic buckle style! Customize the logo, lettering and finish to suit your needs.  Size: 3.5"x 4.5" base material: German Silver, antique finish 
Sterling Silver base, Antique Finish

The Corporate Slide Match Box Buckle

This buckle has edges that encapsulate you're belt, creating a sleek classy look . This buckle measures 2"X4" but can be customized to whatever size you're looking for! picture shown: sterling silver, antique finish 
The Brand Cuff

The Brand Cuff

Custom German silver bracelet. Add your brand or initials to make a simple statement piece!   - German silver base  - Floral engraved  - Antique finish  -1"x 5.75"