Conroe 2-Piece Ranger Buckle- start your design today!

The Conroe 2-Piece Ranger Buckle continues to be our best selling belt buckle and for good reason. It is simplicity combined with class (and of course combined with your brand or initials). We are always interested to see how different brands, images, or initial structures will turn out with the Conroe. The Conroe looks really stylish with multiple material bases, also. German silver is the most popular material base we see used on the Conroe but copper is becoming more popular. An antique finish is the most sought-after finish on the buckle but if you are considering a solid sterling silver base we recommend going with a no-paint shiny finish! Antiquing does look great on sterling silver but sometimes you have to just let solid silver do its thing! We haven't yet added an option to swap out the copper overlay bars at the top and bottom of the buckle but this may be an option soon. We have customized quite a few of these buckles with different materials for the bars and they look really nice! We are happy to walk you through the ordering process and answer any questions that you might have. We appreciate ya'll!