Goodnight..... and our search for the right buckle to name after him.

If you are scrolling through our website you will eventually find the The Goodnight Trophy Buckle listed. We've had this particular style available for the last few years. It is a popular buckle and is requested often. However, I think it is the wrong buckle to name after the "Father of The Texas Panhandle". We will eventually come up with a new design, one that likely incorporates older, traditional silversmith concepts. I've personally gone down a Charles Goodnight rabbit hole. He's one of the most interesting people to learn about. He's widely known for blazing the Goodnight-Loving Trail and founding the JA Ranch in the heart of the Palo Duro Canyon. Book after book I've learned about his interactions with his cowboys and others that crossed his path. He was a true visionary of the Texas cattle industry. Goodnight was certainly a serious businessman that had unmovable values. Drinking and gambling were never allowed on his outfit and he meant it. He had a view of the Texas Panhandle that no one else had seen at that time, in particular the Palo Duro Canyon. "Grassed, watered, and wooded" was his first thought when he looked out over the area where he would build the first of his ranch headquarters. A paragraph is not near enough to describe a day in Goodnight's life so if you are interested in learning more, Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman by J. Evetts Haley is a great book to start with. One of the hundreds of Goodnight quotes in the book: "Better to lose your fortune than your honor." Stay tuned for new styles coming out with the new year. We appreciate ya'll taking the time to check out our hand-engraved custom belt buckle selection!