The Cita Creek....And the trophy buckle named after it.

If you are ever in the Palo Duro Canyon area of Texas, there is a canyon worth seeing. First, you will need to look past the actual trails and main visitor attractions of Palo Duro Canyon State Park. A few miles southeast of the state park there is a creek that branches off from the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River. This creek quickly forks into two separate waterways, one being the South Cita Creek and the other, the North Cita Creek. The North Cita Creek runs through the North Cita Canyon. Hidden in the North Cita are several amazing slot canyons. Local Palo Duro enthusiasts have an unwritten rule of never detailing or mapping how to find these slot canyons. This makes finding them a challenge, but well worth the experience once you find them! I can at least give you a beginner's opinion. Start at Capitol Peak Trail head, follow it southwest for a mile, then head due south. Look for five giant boulders on the side of a bluff. That will be your North Star (or south star in this case). Best of luck and thank you for your interest in Champion's Choice Silver. We believe we provide the best belt buckles in this business. We also feel that every buckle that goes from us to our customer has a story to tell.