The Gruene Hall Showcase Buckle

The Gruene Hall Showcase buckle has been one of our most requested pieces for the past several months and has become the staple of our Showcase Series! We love this buckle. Most often, we are only placing a set of initials or a brand on this buckle but the simplicity is part of what makes it perfect. Measuring at 3.25 X 2.25 inches, it is one of the smaller buckles that we build. It is just slightly wider than the standard 1.5 inch belt. Though we offer this one in multiple metals, copper border and initials really seems like the way to go! The Gruene has also helped us brainstorm on some new ideas for styles so be looking for those in the near future. At Champion's Choice Silver we take pride in every piece that leaves us and goes to our customer. We are only satisfied when our customer is satisfied. We appreciate your interest in us and we look forward to building your custom belt buckle!