The Texan Showcase Buckle

The Texan Showcase Buckle goes perfect with your favorite leather belt. It also goes perfect for just about any occasion within the state of Texas! The base of this belt buckle is German silver with a darkened, antique finish. The background of the buckle is florally engraved to add an awesome visual touch to the piece. The state of Texas featured in the center of the buckle is built in jewelers' Bronze which is also florally engraved. The size of the Texan Showcase is 4 inches in width and 3 inches height. This size is just a bit smaller than our standard rodeo trophy buckle (4.5 inches by 3.5 inches). We believe this is the perfect size for your everyday-wear type buckle. This will be a buckle you won't remove from your belt anytime soon!

-4 inches by 3 inches

-German Silver Base

-German silver flat border

-state of Texas cut-out in jeweler's bronze with engraving

-built to fit a 1.5 inch belt