Well.... The holidays are here and I haven't even started shopping!

If you are like me (and possibly most guys), the holidays sneak up on you every year. I like to think to that everything I will need can be purchased, wrapped, and given all in the same day. Unfortunately that rarely works out for me. And it almost certainly won't this year. It seems that everywhere you look you are seeing empty shelves and back orders from online retailers. Our goal at CCS is to make sure that our Christmas orders get to every customer in a timely manner. If you are concerned about your order not arriving in time, please reach out to us and we will help in anyway that we possibly can. Also, if you have the same gift-buying tendencies as me, we won't be able to guarantee your order by Christmas at this point, but better late than never! A custom built, hand-engraved Champion's Choice Silver Belt buckle it almost as cool on January 9th or 10th as it is on Christmas Day (almost). We can't thank you enough for spending some time looking through our products and we are ready to build your own unique piece!